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Bed Bugs Exterminator in Canton

A local Canton bed bugs exterminator with Bed Bug Burners is a safer alternative to chemical methods.

A good Canton bed bugs exterminator is hard to come by when you're looking for the safest option. Bed Bug Burners is your perfect solution for this troublesome pest. If you are worried about the chemical effects on your home from traditional extermination techniques, let us introduce you to the newest, most effective method.

We use heat treatment to safely and effectively kill the pests in your home. This method is non-toxic, and there is no chemical residue left behind. Our heat treatment kills both the infestation and the eggs they are leaving behind with controlled, regulated temperatures. We have the knowledge, equipment & experience to eliminate infestations within the treatment area in homes, hotels, nursing homes, and everything else in between.

Because we use no chemicals, there are no chemical consequences. You will not have to get rid of your furniture and drapery or worry about your children or your pets. Our pesticide-free, green heat treatment eliminates the threat of bed bugs in your home or business without the mess or danger of toxins, and stays environmentally friendly. Results are 100% guaranteed.

In Canton, a bed bugs exterminator to eliminate your problem for good is Bed Bug Burners. We are proud to service the communities of Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland Ohio as well. Call today if you are experiencing a problem.

Heat Treatment

Non-toxic. No chemical residue. Our heat treatment kills bed bugs and their eggs with controlled, documented temperatures.

No Chemicals

Our chemical-free, green, heat treatment eliminates the threat of bed bugs in your home or business without the mess or danger of toxins, and stays environmentally friendly.

Home or Business

We have the knowledge, equipment & experience to eliminate bed bugs within the treatment area in homes, hotels, nursing homes, and everything else in between.

Why Heat?

We eliminate your bed bug problem using only heat. Why only heat? Learn More.

Learn About Bed Bug Burners' Heat Treatment Process

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"Hi, my name is Jeff and I’m writing this letter to thank the Bed Bug Burners Company, and give a thumbs-up to the whole operation. My wife, my 3 children and I noticed small bites on our arms, legs and face, and after a few days of different opinions from each other we finally figured it out, We Had Bed Bugs. I called a locale pest control co, and prepared my house to be sprayed. Washing clothes and bagging everything, living out of plastic bags & tubs, made the day a heck of a lot harder. Some things we had to throw away. I had read about using heat but didn’t think I could afford it. I had seen this company on T.V. and did some research, liked what I read, made contact with them, hired them, and marked that up as one of the Best decisions we ever made.

The pesticide guys would have to come 3 different times, you have to clean all residue, and it cost more than heat. The men were on time and very professional. P.S. Not only are the bed bugs gone, but the spiders, dust mites, mold and any other creature roaming my house. Thank you very much.": A Happier Family

"After having my furniture in storage for a year I moved into a new home. My furniture had bed bugs. I tried sprays and bombs but that didn't work. Thanks to you the bugs are gone. Your one step HEAT treatment got them all. Thanks to you my daughter and I can enjoy our furniture again." Dave H. - New Philadelphia, Ohio

"As a landlord I had heard that bed bugs were bad. People have said that sprays that companies use do not work, so when one of my tenants brought them into my unit I called Bed Bug Burners. Thank you for your one time treatment. They are GONE!!! If I ever have them in one of my units again I will call you for the job. Dave K. - New Philadelphia, Ohio

"If you are reading this testimonial, then you have probably experienced the humiliation and fear that comes with an infestation of bed bugs in your home. My family contracted these horrid little blood suckers after inviting a friend to our house while she bug bombed her apartment to rid herself of an unruly "spider" that was biting her repeatedly at night. Little did we know that inviting her to spend the night-inviting her into our home at all-was the same as inviting bed bugs to live with us-seemingly permanently.

"Until the day we discovered those awful little creatures in our own couches and beds, we subscribed to the idea that bedbugs were the result of untidy living. However, as Harry from Bed Bug Burners told me over the phone, bed bugs can come from anywhere and anyone at any time. We shouldn't be ashamed of our predicament, but we should educate ourselves in simple techniques that will help prevent future infestations.

"The first thing I did when I found out I had bed bugs was I cried. Then I called two well-known extermination companies and asked them for a quote. The first company never showed up, and the second one came to inspect, had us drag our couch into the back yard and ripped the back of it to reveal a few creepy crawlers. He said it would be $1,900 and we would need to throw away our mattresses and our couches and chairs. We may need to get new carpeting, too. Wholly disheartened, we threw away both of our couches, and began to calculate just how much we were going to lose. The exterminator said that one spray would not be enough, he may need to come back every month for a year before we could actually get rid of the things. This was unfathomable.

"My sister and her family were flying into town the next day and she was bringing her new baby. We were supposed to go on vacation together for two weeks. I couldn't possibly allow my sweet eight-month-old nephew sleep in a house full of man-eating insects.

"By chance, while researching bed bugs and looking up videos on how to exterminate them ourselves, I stumbled over a new technique that uses heat to eradicate the bugs once and for all, in one sweep. I searched for local businesses and found the website for Bed Bug Burners. When I called, I had no idea that the business was four hours away from my own home. Harry answered the phone and immediately picked up the desperation in my voice. He was kind and personable and he calmed me down as he explained that his business could get rid of the bugs in one day, and there was no way any of the bugs could survive.

"When he found out we were four hours away, he said he could be still come out and take care of them for me. When he called me ten minutes later to let me know that not only could he come to our house, he could come the very next morning-a Saturday morning-and he would be done and out of the house and all the bugs would be dead before my sister's plane would even land in Detroit, I cried again-this time in happiness.

"Harry and his team started out at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning and arrived at our place before 8:00. We left the house and they began their work. It was a big job, we have a lot of stuff and everything had to be pulled out and turned over to assure that all the bugs were dead. It took about eight hours and we had two hours before we had to pick up my relatives at the airport. Working together as a team, my family and I put our house back in order before our house guests arrived.

"As we cleaned, we found a satisfying number of bed bugs, burnt and shriveled to a crisp. Since that day, we have not received a single bite. We have seen no bed bugs and Harry educated us enough that we now know the best way to protect ourselves from getting them again. We also know that we could have kept our couches! Best of all, we didn't have to worry about a single harmful chemical being sprayed on our beds and in our rooms. The whole process was safe for our health and our pets and our planet.

"When Harry left, he and his team were exhausted and they had a long drive ahead of them. It was a blazing hot July day and they had been on their feet for a long time. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude when I think of the folks at Bed Bug Burners. They were so kind to me over the phone and in person. We felt comfortable and safe having them take care of our home and they operate discreetly and without passing judgment. I will be eternally grateful for Bed Bug Burners for being so compassionate and acting so quickly. They saved us from the physical and mental anguish of the beg bug bites and from the devastating embarrassment of having to tell my sister that she couldn't come visit us and that our shared (and paid for) vacation would have to be cancelled.

"I give Bed Bug Burners my full endorsement. My family and I sleep soundly with the knowledge that if we ever (Heaven forbid!) have this problem again, we will know exactly who to call. Also-I have never been more impressed with a business in all my life. Harry and his team had a genuine concern for our wellbeing and happiness. They preserved our family vacation, saved our home, saved us money and protected us from months of harsh chemical sprays. In the process, that managed to save my sanity and restore my faith in mankind." Sincerely, Dusty Miller